About us

Even when almost every state is a party to international conventions, crimes against humanity continue to be committed in war-torn geographies; and these crimes are only becoming more and more violent and frequent. The two World Wars are the wars that will always be remembered with great sadness and held up as examples. Both wars have taken so many lives all over the world. But we need more than to just remember it, we need to realize of just how each of the taken live was just as precious as our very own, and each of those people’s dreams were as colorful and rich as our dreams. Their loved ones were as dear to them as much as our beloved ones are to us. 

Numerous war crimes have been committed in those wars. Almost every house, every street, every mosque, every church, every synagogue prayed to never ever suffer from the same horror again; but neither the battles, nor the suffering seem to end…

Today, a new brutal war has taken place since March 2011 in SYRIA. During the Syrian war, we witnessed many war crimes and crimes against humanity shown through live broadcasts and all we can do is watch the broadcast and continue with our lives. We watched children being killed by prohibited chemical and biological weapons or barrel bombs and died agonizingly. Torture, rape, executions, mass killings, the finding of mass graves, deportation of millions of people and many other persecutions were done to innocent people…More than 450,000 people died during the war in Syria. More than 90,000 Syrians, including women and children are simply lost, no one knows their whereabouts! Up until today, over 13,500 women have been sentenced and over 7,000 women are still tortured, raped every day and exposed to inhumane oppression in Syrian prisons. The Syrian regime has used rape as a weapon of war and continues to do so.

We believe that the effect of the law and the manifestation of justice can only be possible if the action of PUBLIC CONSCIENCE and SENSE OF HUMANITY is activated. We all know that PEACE is the most BENEFICIAL for all people. But ending wars to built peace it is not as easy as it sounds. Understandably it will be a long and painstaking process. Nevertheless, we want laws for war to be obeyed in order to prevent the brutality of it. BECAUSE we are HUMAN and we want to treat human beings in a humane way.

We are the people and non-governmental organizations all over the world that come together from different religions, languages, colors, race and sex. Our aim is to demonstrate civil and peaceful efforts such as press conferences, media campaigns, diplomatic contacts, etc. as a civil initiative representing the conscience of humanity for the release of women and children imprisoned due to the Syrian war.

Yavuz Dede
on behalf of
Conscience Movement